But it certainly helps…

I recently bought a new camera that I am going to be using for my Vlogging Channel on YouTube. I really LOVE this camera and I intend to use it a lot now that I have it. I’ll be making a review of the camera for my Tech Channel and Tech Blog very soon (hopefully this weekish).

Here’s my first vlog with the new camera:

I also have another vlog up showing my recent addiction to Starburst Jellybeans:

I even have another vlog from about a week ago that I need to get up. It’ll be rather long, though, and I have a lot of footage so I’m skillfully procrastinating on editing it.

Now, about 2 weeks ago, after I got my new camera and after I put up my first video with it, I got an email from YouTube about my Vlogging Channel. The email was entitled, “Invitation to earn revenue from your YouTube videos‏”. I was immediately excited, but not for the reasons you may think. From what I gathered and thought to be true was that only people Partnered with YouTube were able to earn revenue on videos. I am of course working towards Partnership on all my YouTube channels and this is certainly a step in the right direction. Like the title suggests, I am certainly NOT doing this for the money, but getting this “invitation” to earn money on my vlogs right after I decided to buy a new camera and vlog a whole lot more is VERY reassuring.

So, thank you YouTube for being so awesome and supporting the many people creating content on YouTube. And also, thank you to everyone supporting me now. I may not get tons of views on my videos presently, but my goal isn’t to be the next YouTube sensation. It’s to try to reach out to people in a unique and fun way. How will I do this? You’ll just have to watch and see!